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TED Talks are programs held worldwide by TED Conferences LLC. Since their initial debut in 1990, TED conferences have been providing audiences with a vast amount of information in nearly every industry. While TED Talk events are held in various locations for live audiences, anyone can access them for free to watch online. Many leaders in the finance industry have provided valuable information during their own TED Talks, and that info could be exactly what you need in order to get a better understanding of your own finances.  Read on for a few financial TED Talks given by finance pros around the globe. 

“The Future of Money” by Neha Narula

In her TED Talk, “The Future of Money”, Neha Narula explains how humans currently define and place value onto money. Narula briefly talks about Bitcoin and emphasizes how virtual currencies allow people to control money. Through cryptocurrency, Narula believes that large financial institutions may no longer have the power to define how money is valued by society.

“The New American Dream” by Courtney Martin

In “The New American Dream”, Courtney Martin provides an outlook on the financial futures of many young American citizens. Martin explains the struggles that this demographic faces finding adequate employment opportunities and how these struggles may prevent younger people from living the dreams that their parents had envisioned for them. This ultimately leads to Martin explaining how it may be time to take a look at how we redefine the traditional American Dream. 

“Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs” by Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold, a business consultant, and top-selling author, uses this TED Talk to discuss the importance of raising children to become entrepreneurs. Cameron began his own entrepreneurial journal at a young age and believes that many parents miss opportunities to help further their children’s development towards being business-minded. He believes this is especially true in children who may already possess some of the traits needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Herold also takes the time to provide valuable financial tips that parents can not only utilize, but pass down to their children as well. 

“How To Buy Happiness” by Michael Norton

Michael Norton’s talk, “How To Buy Happiness”, hones in on the popular phrase “money can’t buy happiness” and tells you to throw it away. Norton argues that money can, in fact, buy you happiness, but that you’re likely just spending it incorrectly by spending it on yourself. Norton then decides to put this idea to the test by having one group of people spend money on themselves while another group gives their money away, followed by a test of their happiness. Norton calls this pro-social spending and discovered that not only do others benefit from it, but it can make you happier while providing other benefits to your life and work.

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