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There are currently over half a million podcasts to choose from nowadays and they cover topics about every conceivable subject matter. In addition to books, TED Talks, and blogs about how you too can make it rich, many financial experts have also joined the podcast revolution in order to provide guidance for everyone who’s waiting to become the next millionaire. 

The genres can be narrowed down to categories of how to make your fortune. There are podcasts for people who want to create their real estate portfolio. Some people want to learn all of the ins and out of the stock market, some parents want to learn how to start planning for their children’s futures as soon as possible. Female-centric financial podcasts are on the rise, with more and more women entering the landscape. 

Regardless of your current money situation, everyone wants to stay as debt-free as possible while at the same time generating as much interest as possible in order to plan ahead for the future. Smart money is a term that is tossed around in the financial sector, implying wise investments, and several podcasts help to guide regular civilians on how they can also make their money work smarter for them. The Dave Ramsey Show caters to a wide audience from every level of financial knowledge while not talking down to anyone. For a more diverse perspective, many people enjoy So Money with Farnoosh Torabi because of her guests from all areas of finance and beyond. Many people look forward to her rapid-fire questions. 

A lot of people are so focused on their own future they forget to step away and look at the bigger picture. Planet Money helps people examine how the economy as a whole affects each of us directly, and it helps answer questions about why things are the way they are. For those people who want to learn the basics of how stocks work, there are many podcasts to choose from. InvestED is a father-daughter team who peel back the curtain to discuss investment strategies followed by some of the world’s richest people. We Study Billionaires does something similar, showing how the world’s richest people invest and then offer tips on how to follow a scaled-down process.

This blog/website is only made available for educational purposes. It is designed to give visitors general information and a general understanding of select financial topics. It is not intended to provide specific financial or investment advice. Conduct your own due diligence or consult a licensed financial advisor/broker before making any and all financial/investment decisions.