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Saagar Gupta

Professional Overview


Saagar Gupta is the founding partner and fund manager of SG3 Capital, a private investment firm located in Puerto Rico. Since inception in 2015, SG3 Capital has focused on taking a proactive approach to asset management. One of the firm’s greatest strengths is its ability to form strategic partnerships with other firms and individuals who share a passion for finance and helping others achieve their financial goals.

After graduating from high school in Oakland, California, Saagar Gupta got his first exposure to finance at the hedge fund Ascend Capital as an intern. Although he had already enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Saagar loved the experience so much that he briefly considered skipping MIT and working at the hedge fund full-time. After graduating from MIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Saagar worked at Susquehanna International Group where he learned a lot about the finance industry and how to effectively manage capital. In 2010, Saagar moved from Philadelphia to New York City to become a quantitative trader at HAP Capital. After about four years at HAP Capital, Saagar decided to spend a few months travelling to Europe with his young but growing family. He had several new opportunities he was considering, but the idea to start SG3 Capital came to him while he was in a small town in Italy, and the freedom of working for himself has been life-changing.

While being his own boss comes with a lot of advantages, there are also some challenges associated with managing a growing firm. Saagar realizes that many people’s livelihoods depend on SG3 Capital, and it motivates him to see the benefits that a successful company brings to its employees and stakeholders. It’s this responsibility that gives Saagar the added drive and work ethic to generate solid returns for his investors. Fortunately, SG3 has a talented team which tackles the investment process head on and adapts as the finance industry changes over time.

Over the course of his career, Saagar Gupta has learned many lessons. In the world of finance, confidence is important, but overconfidence can be disastrous – especially with an actively managed portfolio. In Saagar’s experience, someone who works hard is a more valuable team member than someone who just has advanced degrees or looks good on paper. Ultimately, though, the most important lesson that Saagar has learned over twelve years in the finance industry is that integrity and honesty are the key factors that determine one’s success.

One of the biggest advantages that SG3 Capital has over its competitors is that it is a small company. This small size allows the company to be nimble and quickly move in and out of positions without taking on too much risk. On the other hand, being small means that each team member has more responsibility and must work harder to achieve goals. Luckily for Saagar, he has assembled an incredible team at SG3 that is equipped to deal with any challenges that present themselves.

While work consumes the vast majority of his time, outside of the office Saagar Gupta also enjoys spending time with his family and exploring his adopted home of Puerto Rico. Saagar has made many trips to Europe with his family including a multi-month trek through Switzerland, Italy, France, and Belguim in 2014 which provided the inspiration for creating SG3 Capital. In addition, Saagar participates in many charitable endeavors like the local Christmas gift drive at San Jorge’s Children’s hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Given the massive damage recently sustained in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria, Saagar Gupta also has plans to help with the rebuilding process for many areas in Puerto Rico in need of extra help.