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The first step to achieving a financial breakthrough is by managing your finances. Getting your finances in order is also the best way to discover ways you can achieve your long-term goals. However, some people find it challenging to manage their finances, especially those with no background knowledge of accounting or financial planning. Below are some of the best finance software of 2022 you can use to manage your finances and track your expenses.


Quicken is one of the oldest personal finance software with decades of experience providing customers with quality services. You can use this platform to manage various aspects of your finances, including debt tracking, saving, and investment coaching. Quicken features Excel exporting that allows you to carry out multiple calculations on your data. This platform will enable users to make payments for their bills and can be used to manage both personal and business expenses. Quicken has a base price of $35.99 annually and can be used on multiple devices.


Mint is arguably the best budgeting and expense tracking platform on the market, and one that I have personally used myself in the past. This software automatically links to your credit card and bank information to generate reports on your expenses. This way, you can analyze and pinpoint areas you are bleeding money, effectively cutting your costs. Mint allows users to set alerts for due dates on bills and low balances. This feature helps users stay on top of their accounts and avoid penalties and overdrafts. The best part is that it is free and can work on multiple devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows.


You Need A Budget is one of the most efficient budgeting software designed to help you manage your monthly expenditure. This software allows users to create a budget to manage their daily expenses while offering tutorials on how to handle tough financial topics. YNAB has proven a good choice for those looking to break free of their bad financial habits through basic financial management rules. This software automatically links to a user’s bank account, integrating their expenditure for budget tracking and analysis. YNAB gives you real-time feeds on your expenses based on your monthly budget. This way, you can take necessary action when you notice overspending. You can as well use it to track your investments. YNAB offers a 34-day trial to help you gauge if it’s the right pick for you. It costs $14.99 monthly and $98.99 annually.