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It is no secret that highly successful individuals dedicate a great deal of time to their professional improvement — whether that is achieved through attending conferences, taking professional development courses, or doing something as simple as reading a new book. However, for those who do not have enough spare time to expend on reading a book, podcasts have become increasingly integral to this process.

This is no exception in the financial field, where new trends and technological developments erupt on what appears to be a weekly basis. Not only do such changes intrigue audiences worldwide, they also have proven to be majorly disruptive in long-standing financial practices.

With that in mind, let us discover some of the best podcasts for financial planners to subscribe to.

Planet Money by NPR

Featuring over 400 episodes on topics ranging from business and personal finance to the rapidly growing financial trends like financial technology and cryptocurrency. Although these topics may be too basic for a seasoned financial professional to glean new insight, the content may help them discover new topics to bring up to clients — and its fun overtone does not hurt either.

Trend Following Radio by Michael Covel

With over four million listeners and 500 podcasts under his belt, Michael Covel has become one of the most established podcasters in the industry. With a heavy focus on explaining alternative methods of investing, this outside-of-the-box podcast contains content one would likely not hear on more traditional news outlets.

Advisor Today

If you are on the hunt for practical advice, business resources, sales ideas, and even financial strategies, this podcast is likely to be your most valuable asset. Additionally, the Advisor Today team will often feature interviews with prominent figures in the industry — namely, company presidents, CEOs, and financial thought leaders. Needless to say, this podcast would be an excellent tool for one who desires to pick the brains of seasoned professionals.

Bloomberg’s Masters in Business

Spearheaded by Barry Ritholtz, a Bloomberg columnist and chairman and chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management, Masters in Business attracts big names in the industry — both as listeners and as guests. Boasting interviews with the likes of Vanguard executives, NYU finance professors, and other experienced thought leaders, this podcast would be ideal for anyone with a desire to learn more about the industry — regardless of their age or level of experience.

Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy

This year-old podcast has quickly skyrocketed to popularity, with over 2,000,000 downloads and a sparkling recommendation from the Wall Street Journal itself. This dynamic program has proven itself to be a real asset to the financial industry, as it dwells on a variety of topics — such as the ins and outs of hedge funds, investing in tiny stocks, gleaning insight from thought leaders, and even building modern monopolies.

Evidently, there are many valuable podcasts available for listeners around the globe, and this list just barely scraped the surface.

If there are additional programs that deserve to be recognized, please feel free to leave their titles in the comments below. Or, start a conversation with Saagar Gupta on Twitter.