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If there’s one thing that 2020 taught many people, it’s that you never know what may happen. As a result, It’s always important to be prepared. One of the best ways to make sure one is ready for any situation is to be financially savvy. In 2021, adopt the following tips to be smarter with your money.

Set Clear, Defined Goals

Set resolutions and goals for your money. You’ll be able to break those goals down into action items that you can cross off every single month. If you know that you’d like to save up to buy a car or a house by the end of the year, break down the amount you’ll need for that down payment.

Develop Solid Income Streams

If you’re solely reliant on one income stream, you’re in a danger zone. If you lose that job, you completely lose your income. Instead, develop and build multiple streams of income. Find exciting ways to earn side money. Sell items on eBay, create a website, do affiliate marketing, become a driver for a ride-sharing service, start a small business or trade stocks. There are countless ways and ideas to build multiple streams of income.

Give Every Penny a Plan

As soon as your paycheck comes in, it’s easy to spend it frivolously. Instead, create a budget that you can follow. Make a plan for every single penny that’s coming into your account. You can even set aside money for when you’d like to splurge responsibly. Since it’s your money, you get to decide your budget’s line items.


Invest in Your Financial Education


A lack of knowledge will quickly destroy and impede a person’s ability to succeed. Each month, find a new finance book to read to become more familiar with terms such as assets, stocks, and bonds. Read books that teach about debt elimination, credit card management, and wealth-building strategies. Read articles from financial publications, and listen to podcasts that teach the average person how to manage their money well. By regularly investing in your financial education, you’ll be able to put many of those lessons into action.


It’s not always easy to undo financial mistakes and poor habits. However, it’s more than possible to make a change right now. In making a change today, the results won’t be immediate, but they will come. Be focused, consistent and intelligent, and you’ll reap the rewards.